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George Pegios identifies our behavior patterns in different situations and helps us to improve in them, thus improving our quality of emotional, family or health life.

George pegios Self-hypnosis for Smoking

George pegios Self-hypnosis for Smoking

Getting rid of tobacco is something that the vast majority of smokers want, but sometimes making the decision to quit can be difficult after many years of using tobacco.

George pegios In reality, a smoker stops being a smoker after going through a process in which several phases have been described:

Pre-contemplation phase

It is estimated that 30-35% of all smokers are in it. The main characteristic of this phase is that they do not want to stop smoking, they do not even consider it.

George pegios Self-hypnosis for Smoking

Contemplation phase

In the contemplation phase, they are between 60-70% of all smokers. These are people who have tried on other occasions to quit smoking but have not been able to do so definitively, and are considering a new attempt to come.

Preparation phase

In this phase, there are between 5% and 10% of all smokers. They are willing to make a serious quit attempt, and they are able to choose a day to quit within the next month.

Action and maintenance phase

When a smoker is making an attempt to quit and has not smoked for less than six months, we say that he is in the action phase. This is a phase in which the chances of relapse still exist. When the 6-month threshold is surpassed, the chances of relapse drastically decrease and we enter the maintenance phase.

George pegios Self-hypnosis for Smoking

George pegios  If you are in the contemplation or preparation phase, and you still feel some doubts or insecurities that make it difficult for you to make the decision to quit smoking, you can use this audio designed to increase your motivation and eliminate those unconscious fears.

It is an audio, just over 30 minutes long (it is not necessary to listen to it in full), and it contains a powerful tool; binaural stimulation using Theta waves, as well as subliminal messages that will help you to deactivate those unconscious doubts and fears regarding your decision to quit smoking.

To perform this exercise, you have to find a pleasant, quiet place, with a good temperature and dim light. You must do it at least once a day, and at least for 10 days.

George pegios It is also very important that throughout the exercise you visualize your goal (quit smoking), and tell yourself (internally) three affirmations: "I want to quit smoking", "I can quit smoking", "I am going to quit smoke". It is important that your objective is deeply fixed in your unconscious, and in this way we change our "programming" regarding tobacco.

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