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George Pegios identifies our behavior patterns in different situations and helps us to improve in them, thus improving our quality of emotional, family or health life.

George Pegios - What To Expect During Your First Hypnosis Session

George Pegios: If you have ever been in a state of hypnosis during a day by car, you know the feeling of being under hypnosis. You relax in a calm, relaxed state with your eyes closed and your head in your hands, completely relaxed and relaxed.

George Pegios - Hypnosis Session

George Pegios - Hypnosis Session


This text gives you an overview of what to expect during your first session and how to make it successful. It also helps to prepare for it, so it is useful if you eventually decide to have a hypnosis session. Many customers are disappointed when the session ends, but some customers also say that they are so relaxed after their hypnotic session that they can leave the hypnosis at any time and they do not want to finish it before it is over. Hypnosis is a pleasant experience and you cannot get stuck in it because of people's fears, so it has to be a positive experience.

George Pegios - Of course, it is a stimulating way to focus on personal development after a busy day for a 20-30 minute hypnosis session. First, we will investigate how to induce a hypnotic state in someone who is trained in hypnotherapy or hetero-hypnosis. If it is self-hypnosis, you will wake up and become fully alert, but if you emerge after the hypnotherapy program is finished, then you can fall asleep.

I hope you found this interesting and if you are satisfied with the way hypnotherapy works for you, you can book a free initial consultation. If you have any questions about what happens when you have a hypnotherapy session and you want to book your first session, please contact us for more information on our website.

Once you have set a clear functional goal for your hypnotherapy, we will review what hypnosis is and explain how the session is performed. At the end of the hypnosis session you will receive an mp3 recording of a certain part of your session. Hypnosis sessions are all recorded and we ask you to practice yourself - hypnosis during recording. We will give you a brief overview of what you want to work on at home, as well as a brief introduction to the process and some basic information about the sessions.

George Pegios: You will be asked to return a questionnaire and we will participate in structuring your hypnotherapy program, including setting goals for each hypnosis session. If you have read our tutorials on self-hypnosis, you will know that daily listening would be ideal if you commit to listening to them regularly. However, we will be happy to provide you with a list of other ideas such as meditation, yoga, meditation practice or other forms of exercise if we believe that they would have been a beneficial and strengthening solution.

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